About ChemDuct

Sold Exclusively by Aeromat Plastics

ChemDuct is a product line of Aeromat Plastics, Inc. A premier plastic fabrication, machining, and distribution company based in Burnsville, MN.

Industrial Grade for General Purpose & Corrosive Vapor Fumes

ChemDuct PVC & CPVC Duct provides a light weight and low maintenance alternative to conventional metal ducting with superior chemical & corrosion resistance. Produced in a wide variety of sizes and configurations from 6" through 24" with custom fabrication available to virtually any size and shape.

Thermoplastic Duct & Fittings Construction

ChemDuct  duct and fittings are manufactured in accordance with applicable guidelines and requirements to assure sound, reliable construction, performance and compatibility that meet customer design specifications. Included with our high quality standard duct line, ChemDuct offers duct product designed to the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA) requirements.

Chemical & Corrosion Resistant PVC & CPVC Construction

Unlike metal, PVC & CPVC Duct never rusts, scales or pits, remaining virtually maintenance free for years.

Fabricated from Premium Quality Seamless Extruded Round Duct

ChemDuct Fittings are produced from premium quality PVC & CPVC materials conforming to ASTM D1784.


All fabricated duct fittings, sizes 6" to 24", shall be constructed from ASTM D1784 PVC or CPVC seamless Extruded Duct. Sizes above 24" shall be custom produced from Cold Rolled PVC Type I & Type II, Grade I extruded sheet with thermal fused seam.

Maximum Service Temperatures

PVC = 140°F; CPVC = 200°F

Joining Methods

Solvent cement, hot-gas welding, or flanged connections. ChemDuct PVC and CPVC Round Duct fittings are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to allow for flexibility in system design. Whether you are designing for maximum flow with minimum noise or need an economical general ventilation system, we have the components to suit your needs.